Secret to Youth 凍齡秘密

How CirQ-Life Beauty gives you a youthful looking skin?

CirQ-Life Beauty combined the western and eastern medical approaches to treat the aging skin. It counters the true and main reason for the aging skin and target both the Oriental and other different skin aging process. It combines the inner and outer approaches of both Western and Eastern medicine to improve the micro-circulation, the collagen and elastin production of the skin to maintain the best possible skin texture of her age.

The CirQ-Life Beauty products are produced from Swiss GMP manufacturer. It contains the specially concentrated growth factors within the colostrums. Colostrums are secreted by all female mammals within 72 hours after giving birth. Researchers have shown that it contains larger amount immune factors and many different growth factors. It helps with the normal regeneration of skin, and muscles and also improves the recovery of damaged tissues. This properties help the maintenance of normal skin and prevent premature aging. It induces the normal production of collagen, elastin and the recovery of the aging skin. The aging of the skin will slow and may reverse and the texture of the skin will return to a more youthful appearance and younger age.

Therefore, while time may pass, your face remains ageless. Your true age will always remains a secret. 


凍齡私密 盡在 CirQ-Life Beauty



CirQ-Life Beauty結合中西醫學,利用西方醫學找出皮膚老化的主要症狀,針對東方女性的膚質,由外至內給予適當養分;並結合東方醫學由內而外的調理,啟動皮膚微循環系統,為肌膚時刻保持最佳狀態。

麗萃系列產品由均由瑞士GMP廠制造均,加入特別研發的初乳生長因子(Growth Factors within Colostrum)。初乳是指哺乳動物在分娩後的72小時內所分泌的乳汁,經研究分析發現乳汁內含大量的免疫因子和生長因子,除了有助於皮膚的正常生長外,對於老化肌肉再生、修復都有促進作用,對於皮膚保護和保養甚具成效,與各不同的美膚成份相互配合,更可刺激皮膚的生長和細胞修復、激活細胞活性及膠原蛋白增生,改善各種肌膚老化問題,逆轉肌齡,讓肌膚時刻嬌嫩動人,散發青春活力。