CirQ-Life Radiant Body Cream 亮麗潤膚乳霜

CirQ-Life Radiant Body Cream 亮麗潤膚乳霜

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Our Radiant Body Cream moisturizing, elasticizing and nourishing the skin of your body. Our body cream is perfect for optimal hydration of your skin. The colostrum extract within this cream enhance skin hydration, and also eliminate skin itchiness from irritation and improve your skin tone. The cream suitable for all skin types skin owing to the mild natural ingredients. 


 - Anti-skin sensitive  抗皮膚敏感

- Improve the eczema 有助改善濕疹

- Reduce cuticle hyperplasia  減少角質層增生

- Lock in moisture all day.  持久潤滑肌膚

Instruction 使用方法:

Apply generous amount to the whole body with attention to areas like knees, elbows and other dry areas. Gently massage into skin until fully absorbed. (Best after shower or bath)


Benefit 功效:

Antioxidant activates the skin cells and slow the aging process, improve elasticity of the skin, moisturizing deeper layer of the skin, boost cell metabolism, and acts like natural skin secretion to maintain the health of the skin.