CirQ-Life Elegant Hand Cream 修護潤滑手霜

CirQ-Life Elegant Hand Cream 修護潤滑手霜

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Do you wish for a pair of soft and smooth hands? Our special brand of hand cream will render your hands silky soft and smooth, in addition to provide extremely hydrating. Our Elegant hand cream with colostrum extract will smooth your rough hand and supplement skin moisture. The cream is also suitable for all skin types. 

你想要有一對柔嫩順滑的雙手嗎? 獨特的修護潤滑手霜能夠為乾燥的雙手變得如絲般柔軟、光滑和極致保濕。修護潤滑手霜中的初乳提取物有效修復皮膚粗糙和補充皮膚水分。成分天然適合於任何肌膚。

- Prevent skin peeling 防止皮膚脫皮

- Reduce skin cracks 減少手背裂紋

- Lock in moisture all day.  持久潤滑肌膚

Instruction 使用方法:

Apply generous amount to each hand. Gently massage into the hand until fully absorbed. Reapply as needed. 



Benefit 功效:

Enhanced absorption properties to boost your hand moisture levels, helps promote skin elasticity and firmness, and fights against premature aging of your hands.